**Personal information**
Personal information written on this web site will be dealt with properly according to privacy policy.

◆Privacy Policy
In compliance with regulations concerning dealing with personal information, national guidelines and other standards, we commit to protect personal information. As well as taking measures to prevent for disclosure of personal information and the loss or destruction and also for the safe management of personal information with all necessary and appropriate methods, we take corrective measures without delay when you encounter these problems. If there is a request for disclosure of personal information held by our company from the person, we will response properly. In the case of entrusted with handling personal information from business customers, we deal with it in the contract scope. We determine internal regulations for privacy policy, and also build to maintain its system. Continuously strive to improve. If there are complaints or questions from the person for our framework of handling personal information and privacy policy, we correspond properly.

◆ Handling personal information
When collecting personal information, it should be provided from the individual user in principle. Collection of personal information is done with determinate aim and within the extent necessary to achieve its objectives. Without the consent of individual, we do not use nor provide personal information with the exception of specified aim for collection. However, the case prescribed by Privacy Protection Law is excluded as an exception.

**Purpose for use**
We use for it to send product user purchased. To response user’s questions and contact. Used for announcements on exhibitions and events.